My One-Semester Microeconomics (Theory of Value) Course for Graduate Engineers Planning to Become MBAs

For a half dozen or so years from about 1996 onwards, I taught graduate engineers  a course on microeconomic theory  as part of an MBA syllabus.   The level would have been that of Varian’s undergraduate text as well as, where possible, Henderson & Quandt’s intermediate text (Postscript: and, I now recall, a little of Arrow & Hahn Chapter 2 if there was time).   It was quite successful as most students were very serious and had a more than adequate mathematical background.

Subroto Roy


Exchange, utility analysis and theory of demand

Rational decisions as constrained optimization

Theory of the firm, technology, profit-maximization, cost-minimization, cost curves

Market equilibrium under competitive conditions

Pricing under Monopoly, Oligopoly

Theory of games

Inter-temporal decision-making

Asset markets : arbitrage and present value

Decision-making under uncertainty

Mean-variance analysis : equilibrium in a market for risky assets


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