Glimpses of Indian Politics (& World Events) Seen Via Some Statesman Editorials 2005-2008

I am not a journalist but came to be invited by the Editor of The Statesman, Ravindra Kumar, to be Contributing Editor between October 2005 and June 2008. Besides many signed op-ed articles and analyses that have been re-published elsewhere here, I also contributed to the team efforts of the paper’s daily editorial stance. Some of these have now been digitized by my new assistant librarians, and offer Glimpses of Indian Politics (& World Events) during that time, besides in some cases having a continued relevance…

Pakistan’s games 22 October 2005
A British Gandhi 31 October 2005
Whose Congress is it? 2 November 2005
Why Natwar must go 6 November 2005
French Revolution 10 November 2005
Bihar speaks 23 November 2005
No forex for Pakistan 23 November 2005
House-train them 28 November 2005
Party must end 8 December 2005
Not up to scratch 9 December 2005

Naushad’s eye 12 December 2005
Prevention is better 17 December 2005
Packer’s revolution 29 December 2005
India’s space science 31 December 2005
Congress & Gandhis 24 January 2006
Mysteries explained 26 January 2006
Was Gandhi Hindu?
Too old to bat 15 June 2006
Who are we? 22 June 2006
Advantage Lebanon 28 July 2006
Ministerial incompetence 10 August 2006

What Taliban? 8 September 2006
Iraq war deaths 12 September 2006

More to come… 2006, 2007, 2008….


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