My father, Indian diplomat, in the Shah’s Tehran 1954-1956

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On the reverse of this photo is stated the date, 8 July 1955, and “the King enquiring about Indian development projects after the ceremony”.   The person he is talking to is my father, then India’s Trade Commissioner in Tehran.  The  two photos below show Mohammad Reza  Shah Pahlevi striding by a line of guests (my father is seventh from the right in the line-up) and then meeting them.

The next photo is of  Reza Shah and his Queen Soraiya Esfandiary being greeted by a senior Sikh member of the Indian community.

India’s Ambassador to Iran, Dr Tara Chand, author of History of the Freedom Movement in India, accompanies Prime Minister Hossain Ala, probably at the Indian Embassy in Tehran (there is a map of India and the figure of Mahatma Gandhi on the right).

My father with members of the Indian community in Tehran or visiting Tehran for business, including the Birlas and Hindujas etc:


2 Responses to “My father, Indian diplomat, in the Shah’s Tehran 1954-1956”


    Dr. Tarachand was a legendary figure of the subcontinent; his books have been translated into Urdu also.

  2. Yasmeen Sherazee Says:

    The Shah had come to Dacca,my family had a dinner,my mother was sitting with him,they were a poor Country.Money came in the 70 family had business in Iran,till my brother died in 1984 .the Shahs nephew was my brothers partner

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