MK Gandhi and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan “Frontier Gandhi”

Following my 2006  article “The Greatest Pashtun: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan”, I have today posted at Facebook this photograph from a book in my Library :



3 Responses to “MK Gandhi and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan “Frontier Gandhi””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A great photo of great humans.

  2. gulzali khan Says:

    In my opinion, both had negative effects on human history.

  3. Faridullah khan Says:

    Great leaders of south Asia, Bacha khan and mk gandhi ji. If thier United India idea would be successful, south Asia wouldn’t be American colony and United india would be super power country of the world. US AND USSR would be nothing in front of it. But British rulers have not let the views of both leaders to succeed and hence, divided Asia lying it on permanent conflicts. Solute you Dr subroto Roy

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