ISRO & NASA find thin films of water on the Moon

India’s moon rocket Chandrayaan-1 carried NASA’s Moon Minerology Mapper, which has now reported finding evidence of thin films of water on the moon. A year ago I was very pessimistic as to whether the rocket would reach successfully, and I was happy to eat my words when it did. Because the initial US and USSR rockets had failed miserably half a century earlier, I had mistakenly assumed it likely that India’s would too, not acknowledging the technological progress in rocketry, telemetry etc in the meantime.

Subroto Roy

2 Responses to “ISRO & NASA find thin films of water on the Moon”

  1. waterfriend Says:

    Why I oppose the Chandrayan project is because we are an extremely poor country. Can we afford the luxury of spending huge amounts for something which the rich nations have already or will any way achieve? Our priorities are poor children’s education etc.

  2. Anirban Says:

    I do not think India is a poor country!

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