The BBC needs to determine exactly where it thinks Pakistan is!

I have made clear my objections to the confusion the BBC has been sowing over months if not years through its purported maps of India and Jammu & Kashmir in particular — maps which have a subliminal effect as they are shown only for a split second before the start of some little reportage. As I said a few days ago there seems to have been progress in recent days in the BBC acknowledging the official UK Government/EU position that the Republic of India is de facto and de jure sovereign in J&K on the Indian sides of the LOC and LAC at least. I have said the dual national Pakistani moles who may have been pushing the hardline Pakistani viewpoint within the organisation may have found some opposition at last.

But today’s 0730 Indian Standard Time broadcast of the BBC’s purported “World News” should get Pakistanis perturbed as well! (Indians would be largely indifferent.)

In two separate reports from Pakistan during the same broadcast, two different maps of Pakistan were shown!   The first map showed Pakistan to include Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, Skardu etc up to the LOC, while the second excluded these!

The organisation seems to be in process of thinking out the history and geography of the subcontinent and  BBC staff may like to consult  my articles “Solving Kashmir”, “Law, Justice & J&K”, “History of Jammu & Kashmir” , “Pakistan’s Allies”, “A Brief History of Gilgit”, etc available elsewhere here for enlightenment.

Subroto Roy

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