Memo to GoI CLB: India discovered the Zero, and 51% of Zero is still Zero

We in India are justly proud to have once discovered the Zero, which arose, as far as I recall, from a philosophical notion of possible Nothingness (Shunya), though of course there is a long history that came to follow in Indian mathematics.

The Government of India’s Company Law Board (and the pompous honchos they have gone about appointing here and there) may need to be reminded that by any system of mathematics, 51% of Zero still remains, uhmmmm, Zero.

Bankrupt companies get sold for nominal prices like Rs 100 or perhaps $2.  But of course it is not impossible a notorious Government contractor or two will pump money in as a backdoor public subsidy aimed at creating a zombie.

Subroto Roy

One Response to “Memo to GoI CLB: India discovered the Zero, and 51% of Zero is still Zero”


    In my experience, CLB functioning right under the nose of Ministry of Corporate Affairs of GOI is a corrupt institution. Corruption starts right from the CLB counters, so called facilitation centre, where sometimes you have to bribe to get the Petition moving fast right to the table of Bench Office. Oh! then to speak of BO — you have to bribe the BO to move fast the Petition before the table of Member CLB! Than how much time His Lordship the Member will take God knows! This is the India we are living in!

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