Govt of India: Please call in the BBC and ask them a question

The BBC has unilaterally decided that Jammu & Kashmir has nothing to do with India.  On its 1530 Indian Standard Time broadcast of purported “World News” today, it unilaterally lopped off all of J&K from the map of the Republic of India (shown attached to mention of a Delhi bomb-blast). Usually, the BBC at least makes pathetic reference to something it has invented called “Indian-Administered Kashmir”.

There are senior BBC staff-members who are dual Pakistani/British nationals and who may be counted on to have been pushing such a line within the organisation, but lopping off all of J&K unilaterally may be a novelty. There are several “Indian-origin” staff-members too but perhaps they have renounced their Indian nationality, and apparently they have no ability to make any editorial protest.

Does the Government of India have the sense, and the guts, to call in the local BBC and ask them for an explanation about their insult of history?   For that matter, what is the BBC’s formal position on the J&K  problem?  The same as that of the UK Government?  What is that of the UK Government for that matter?  Has it remained constant since Clement Attlee in October 1947?

BBC staff may like to refer to my articles “Solving Kashmir”, “Law, Justice and J&K”, “Pakistan’s Allies”, “History of Jammu & Kashmir”, etc for enlightenment.

Subroto Roy


One Response to “Govt of India: Please call in the BBC and ask them a question”

  1. Mahendra Singh Says:

    According to the provisions of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1961, questioning the territorial integrity or frontiers of India in a manner prejudicial to the interests of safety and security of India is an offence punishable with imprisonment for a term extending up to three years or with fine or with both. Further, Section 2 (2) of the said Act (inserted through an amendment made in 1991 ) expressly prohibits publication of a map of India which is not in conformity with the maps of India as published by the Survey of India. Contravention of the said provision is punishable with imprisonment which may extend to six months or with fine or with both.

    Given that BBC TV programmes are being received within the territory of India, BBC is liable under the said Act notwithstanding its foreign nationality and extra-territorial character. Unfortunately, a criminal complaint under the provisions referred to above can only be lodged by the Government of India, not ordinary citizens. And the Government of India (irrespective of the party in power) does not exactly have a reputation for displaying guts. So ordinary citizens merely watch and sulk.

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