Time for heads to roll in the BJP/RSS and CPI(M)!

On the day of the big Ludhiana rally by the BJP and friends last Sunday, I asked here if Messrs Advani, Rajnath Singh and Modi would ride into the sunset if the BJP came to be trounced.    I also predicted  then a large defeat for the BJP because by my assessment they had made nothing like the effort needed to maintain let aside increase their 86 million votes of 2004.

Three days later, two hours before polls closed, I predicted a “big victory” for Congress and sent my early congratulations to their leadership because by my assessment Congress had done enough not just to maintain but to increase their 103 million raw votes from 2004.

Once the data are out, I am sure that, after adjusting for population growth, the difference between Congress and the BJP in the raw vote will be much greater than the 17 million of 2004.   It may even be double that.

The BJP has come to be trounced and it is time for Messrs Advani, Rajnath Singh and Modi to ride into the sunset.

So has the CPI(M) been trounced.  It is time for heads to roll there too — especially those of the elitist JNU coterie that have dominated it ideologically for 30 years.   Had this been the USSR or PRC, there would have been some serious purges in that Politburo!  Time for some kangaroo courts, weeping confessions and then to march out those firing squads gentlemen!

Figuratively speaking of course…. 😀

Subroto Roy, Kolkata


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